What is TWD?

What is TWD?

If you are manufacturing or sourcing products to sell either via E-Commerce or direct to Retail you will know the costs associated with shipping, storage and distribution.

Perhaps you are working out of your home whilst starting out, or perhaps you have been around for a while and have rented or leased some warehouse space.  One of the challenges we often hear about is more storage space is required to accomodate growth (or perhaps you just really want it out of your house!).  The typical solution is to rent/lease more space - but with a squeeze on available space prices are continually rising and putting more pressure on your bottom-line, increased costs - reduced profits.  With TWD you pay only for the space and services you use, why pay for a building you may only be using a fraction of - or worse, your space is now too small and you are forced to rent or lease additional storage elsewhere?

Pick/Packing of orders is our specialty - we've been doing it forever.  In your own business you may be doing it yourself or have recruited staff to take care of it for you.  Either way it has a cost, whether it be your valuable time (which you may prefer to spend marketing and selling rather than taping up cartons) or there is a cost for labour.  At TWD you pay by the number of orders picked - not by the hour.  Plus no sick leave, annual leave, recruitment, PAYE or employment issues to worry about.

We have long standing relationships with Freight Companies operating here in New Zealand and around the world.  The volume of freight moved by our parent company Silverdale Ltd has allowed us some of the best transport rates in the market, rates not typically available to smaller businesses.  We are able to save you money in this area too.  Plus, because we are located in the Lower North Island our delivery times are reduced nationwide - and speedy delivery has become an expectation in the modern marketplace rather than a want.

As our name suggests, our business is Tailored to you.  Everything from receiving, storage, pick/packing, distribution to reporting is designed to meet your individual requirements.  We are able to move at your pace.  Customer Care is always our priority, you will come to know us by name - we are a small long-serving team (our newest recruit has been here for almost 5 years).  Our reporting and billing is transparent - no small print, no hidden fees or charges allowing you to budget, forecast and know exactly where you stand at any time.

It costs nothing to find out more, get in touch 0800 805 648 or

Posted: Thu 10 May 2018